A very typical hot day in Doha, Qatar set the stage for this year’s 100K World Championships hosted by the International Association of Ultrarunners. On Friday, November 21st over 200 athletes from 38 countries gathered to compete on a certified 5K loop course that was run 20 times. Some impressive results ensued, including a new men’s American record for the distance.

We had several Strava athletes toeing the line – check out the following five Pros who placed in the top fifteen and give them some kudos.

Max King – 1st Place finish

Winner and new American record holder, strava.com/activities/221733067.

Jonas Buud – 2nd Place and First Master

A come-from-behind 2nd place performance, proving consistency pays off – strava.com/activities/222496894.

Zach Bitter – 6th Place

His strong 6th place effort helped the US team win the gold medal strava.com/activities/222696989.

Brendan Davies – 12th Place

A solid sub 7 hour finish and the first Australian to cross the line – strava.com/activities/221764662

Steve Way – 13th place and 3rd Master

Had a bit of a bathroom issue and still pulled off a great race, helping to secure the bronze for team GB – strava.com/activities/222451458.