More than 50,000 runners from all over the world joined together in New York City on November 2nd to take on the marathon. Our team was in town and got to shake it out and meet many of these athletes before they took to the line in Staten Island. Race day was surprisingly cold and windy but it didn’t stop these amazing athletes from accomplishing their goals, setting PR’s and placing at the top of the leaderboard.

Check out the race results on the New York City Marathon race page:

Strava activity can only show so much. We wanted to hear just how the race unfolded so we asked a few of our athletes to reflect on their experience. See what they had to say and give them some kudos!

Alex Varner – 2:25:54

varner1A marathon is a truly unique way to see a city and the New York City Marathon course did not disappoint. Despite the difficulties imposed by both course and nature I often found myself smiling because I was having so much fun. The spectators turned out in force. I was fortunate enough to have a good race on Sunday, and left the city with a feeling of euphoria that probably won’t go away anytime soon.

Stephen Dobler – 4:19:15

I finished my first marathon, with having not run anything longer previously than a 10K. I also was honored to run for the Bob Woodruff Foundation whose mission is to ensure injured veterans and their families are thriving long after they return home. It was truly an unbelievable day!

Evelyn Cordner – 3:19:42

EvelynThe best part about New York City Marathon was having my friends and family scattered throughout the boroughs to cheer me on. This was the first time in a race I felt like it was so hard I could almost give up, and I think I might have if it weren’t for that energy unique to New York. I have friends and strangers alike to thank for helping me break 3:20 for a PR of 3:19:42 in a city I still call home.

Cailin Petracca – 3:24:25

Definitely not ideal weather as it was probably the coldest and windiest that it has been all fall. The volunteers were amazing as were the crowds: this was such a great representation of New York. I have run 100s of races over my life but this was probably the most mentally tough I ever had to be. I hung on for dear life and finished just a tad slower than I had hoped. Looking back, I am proud of my perseverance and so happy for all the support of my friends and family. I am currently in a LOT of pain, but I can now say I’ve run a marathon!

2014-11-03 09.05.48Eric Rayvid – 4:18:35

This was my 7th running of the race, my 13th marathon overall, but the first one as a father (my son was born on Thursday, October 30th) and the first one I did on two hours of sleep over four days. My son was my inspiration that day to get to the finish line.

Dan Lee – 3:11:53

2014 NY Marathon was a lifetime highlight for me. I went in with the goal of having fun and trying to knock time off last year’s 3:26. I met a fellow Brit, James Monaghan, in the start corral and we decided to run together. We chatted for the first 21 miles before he told me to go if I had the legs. So I picked it up and finished with a 3:11:53 and a 14 minute PR. Great day, great experience, great city.

Kenneth Trueman – 3:13:18

I went out too hard, something that is easy to do with lots of wind and a hilly course. I finished in 3:13, getting a new PB and punching my ticket to Boston 2016 by 12 minutes so I really can’t complain (too much). I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Ken and Strava friends

Andres Moreno – 3:05:32

This was my second NYC Marathon and seventh marathon overall. I ran 3:05, a PR by 18 minutes and I also qualified for Boston. I still can´t believe it. It was amazing to see the splits during the race and feel great enough to keep pushing until Central Park and the finish line. My family and girlfriend were at the course and it was great to see them during the race. I love this city and this race. I will be back for sure!

Kristoff Engh – 3:50:00

The views during the marathon were so spectacular I had to take pictures. The race was amazing and I will never forget this day. I can’t remember a race where so many high fives were given out during the race. See you next year New York!

Paulette Ference – 4:35:46

Running NYC for Every Mother Counts was amazing – I loved seeing so much of the city on foot and running the Verrazano Bridge with views of the NYC skyline. The crowds of cheering spectators and friends out on the course kept me going, and I crossed the finish line feeling stronger than I ever have in a marathon.

We didn’t get stories from all our athletes, but if you’ve ever run the New York City Marathon we’d love to hear about your experience. Add comments below.