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November 28, 2018

2018 Year In Sport

Strava’s 2018 Year In Sport data report reveals new insights into athlete behavior, including trends between goal-setting, socialness and athletic performance.

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SAN FRANCISCO – November 28, 2018 – Today Strava released its annual Year In Sport data report, revealing new insights into its community of over 36 million athletes in 195 countries.


Over the past year, Strava athletes uploaded more than 624 million activities, collectively covering more than 6.67 billion miles.


Cyclists covered more than 5.2 billion miles in 2018 — far enough to get from Earth to Pluto. Runners covered 944.8 million total miles with an average distance of 5.1 miles per run.


Within Strava’s 2018 data set, trends emerged between goal-setting, socialness and athletic performance.


Highlights include:

  • Goal setting leads to positive results
    • Runners, cyclists and swimmers who set goals on Strava uploaded 15% more activities six months after setting goals versus athletes who did not
  • Socializing while exercising can make you a better athlete
    • Athletes who joined a club on Strava uploaded 3x more activities than athletes who did not, on average
    • When athletes exercised in groups, those activities lasted 10% longer and covered 21% more distance than activities with single uploaders, on average
  • Varying sport types increases overall activity levels
    • Athletes who uploaded activities across multiple sport types averaged twice as many total uploads over the year versus those who stuck to a single sport type
  • Both run and bike commuting are growing rapidly
    • Compared to 2017 levels around the world, run commuting grew 70% and bike commuting grew 42%
    • In the United States, Strava athletes uploaded over 11 million bike commutes (year over year increase of 30.8%), and 3.6 million run commutes (year over year increase of 56.8%)
    • Mississippi led US states with the longest average distance for bike commutes (over 14 miles), and Utah took the top spot with the longest average run commutes (4.7 miles).


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* Year In Sport 2018 contains data from 10/1/2017 – 9/30/2018.