Thumbs up, flat tires and rocky trails are all reason to applaud the athletes who have showed their dedication to dirt and posted photos to the Strava Instagram Leadville Qualifier Series Giveaway. Thank you for sharing the trail with us!

These dirt-friendly photos with the most likes/tweets have earned an entry to the first Leadville Qualifier race – Austin Rattler on April 13th. Team Strava has also selected a third photo based on epicness, suffer-quality and creativity.

#StravaAustinRattler Winning Photos: (Left) Night Ride by Chris Vachon, (Middle) Waiting On Me To Fix My Flat by Jason Baker, (Right) Focus by Enrique Tello B.

#StravaBarnBurner Winning Photos: (Left) Desert Dog by Edward Fryatt, (Middle) Steeper than it looks by Douglas Kubler, (Right) Mountain Bike Spotlight by Edward Burt.

#StravaWhiteface Winning Photos: (Left) Hours well spent on the trail by Mateus Kaplan, (Middle) Sedona by Garren Watkins, (Right) Single track by Keith Rousseau.

#StravaSilverRush Winning Photos: (Left) The Idaho Kickstand by Bart Miller, (Middle) Payment for some punchy climbs by Cody Martin, (Right) Good clean dirt in Deer Creek by  Stephen Fitzgerald.

#StravaTahoeTrail Winning Photos: (Left) Dropping in by George Lee, (Middle) Laying it over by Salar Salehi, (Right) Henry Coe Sunset by Paul Connolly.

Missed Austin? You’ve Got More Opportunities To Get To Leadville.

As one of the most well known mountain bike races in North America, getting into the Leadville 100 is extraordinarily difficult. We want to help you get there, so we’re giving away three entries to each Leadville Qualifying Series race.

How To Earn Yourself An Entry?

You will need the Instagram photo app for your smartphone and a big imagination. Photos of your bike, mud, sweat, friends and scenery are all welcome. Submit your photo to Instagram using the race-specific #hashtag (#StravaBarnBurner, #StravaWhiteface, #StravaSilverRush, #StravaTahoeTrail)

Full Giveaway details and rules found here >>