Strava Challenges are no feat for the faint of heart. We know how hard our athletes work. Logging thousands of hours on the road or trail and charging up hills big and small to reach the appropriate elevation. When seasons aren’t in your favor you’ve pushed through the rain, sleet and baking sunshine to complete. You’ve gathered friends and conquered milestones you might never have imagined. Until now there hasn’t been a place to showcase your accomplishments.

The newest Premium feature, Trophy Case, displays all of your completed challenges together on one page. Each finisher badge will be prominently displayed in order of completion date with the four most recent visible on your profile. This way all your friends can see what you’ve done and be encouraged to join you next time.


The trophy case is something I personally requested some time ago and I know a couple of friends have too, so I think it’s great. I have one friend who told me last year when I was going for all the challenges that he wouldn’t be interested in doing that until a feature like this was available. Hopefully it will give people more incentive to get out and complete the challenges. – Calum MacDonald

Calum isn’t the only one to request this feature, we’ve had hundreds of athletes join in the conversation on our support forum, Challenge discussions, Twitter and Facebook to suggest it. We’ve heard “I take pride in my badges earned and would be good to share with others.” as well as, “It would be nice if these were displayed on the profile, some of them are quite hard to hit and I’m proud of the ones I manage to complete.” We want you to know that although it may have taken some time, we are listening and proud to share this long awaited update.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.00.15 AM

We gave a few athletes a sneak peek at their Trophy Cases and we wanted to share their thoughts.



The trophy case looks fantastic. It certainly brings achievements into the light; I didn’t even realise I had so many badges. I imagine this feature will be brilliant inspiration for a lot of people out there. – Carole Whitehead

“My thoughts on the badges are more of a goal or a tool in helping motivate not only myself but to help motivate others to join in the fun. Cycling is such a beautiful sport and recreation for so many people.  I’m happy and always excited I can share my own experiences through Strava and in some small way inspire others along the way. Many has also inspired me so it only fair to give back!” – Scott Weisse

“It’s an appealing new  feature where athletes can reflect on hard work and earned efforts and dream about how far they can take themselves in the future.” – Brooke Wells

If you’ve finished some Challenges, check out your Trophy Case on your profile. Go Premium today to unlock your Trophy Case and discover even more ways to stay motivated, train effectively, and have fun. Share it with your friends and get them motivated to join you on a new Challenge on Strava.