Kudos are how we show our support and tell a friend we think they’re awesome.

The thumbs up only lets us say so much – sometimes an athlete takes on a bigger challenge, a long term goal or years of trying to get into Western States. For this race in particular, we want to recognize our community for all their hard work and let their friends show them they are rooting for them.

We know everyone won’t be able to join them on course, or even if you do, it might be nice to send them some support the day before they toe the line in Squaw Valley. If you know someone gearing up for their first, fifth, tenth Western States and want to give them some pre-race kudos, we will hand deliver the message. Write a short note, we’ll print a card and give it to them at packet pick up the day before the race.

* Please note we will only print and share with the individual specified. These won’t be published or shared on Strava.com without your permission.