Automatically upload activities from your Wahoo by syncing with Strava. Plus, get a few on-the-go features to enhance your ride.

Features for Wahoo

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Real-Time Relative Effort

Get specific about how much work goes into your activities with real-time Relative Effort. Whether your activity is slow and steady or short and strenuous, Relative Effort gives you a personalized measurement based on your heart rate zones.

Routes and Navigation

Navigate and view your favorite routes from Strava, or sync ones you've made yourself using Route Builder. With routes on Wahoo, you can upload custom courses or use your previous activities and those of your friends to guide your next adventure or workout.

Strava Live Segments

See performance updates on your favorite segments as you ride them. Get alerted as you approach the start of a segment and then check how you're stacking up against your PR, nearest Strava friend or the overall leader as you ride.

Free Summit Trial

Every new Wahoo ELEMNT includes a free Summit trial. Don't have a new device? Sign up for Summit and get access to all our best features.

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