The Virgin Sport Twin Peaks Mile

Saturday, October 14, 2017

UPDATE: Due to the North Bay wildfires and the related poor air quality, Virgin Sport has decided to cancel the weekend's events. As a result, this Twin Peaks Mile Challenge will not be taking place this year. Our thoughts are with all the families and communities impacted by these events and with the firefighters and first responders on the scene. For more information on the cancellation, please see Virgin Sport's update.

This one is gonna be hilla hard, but hilla fun. Bring your crew to the inaugural Twin Peaks Mile race on October 14th, a road mile with a vertical twist. The Strava Club with the most participant uploads of the segment will win a rad party – on us. We're excited to partner up with Virgin for this unique event in our home city and we hope to see you on the hill on October 14th!

Why a club challenge? Because what better way to engage our community than encouraging them to sweat with their friends. And the more friends you bring along, the better your chance is at winning that party!

How does it work?

1. Sign up for the Twin Peaks Mile race here.

2. Make sure you are a member of at least one club on Strava (check out all our clubs here).

3. Run the race on October 14th and upload to Strava by October 15th. Your run will automatically be added to the club challenge.

4. The club with the MOST participants to run the mile segment on race day will receive a cash prize of $500 (payable to the club’s owner) to throw a party for their club members.

5. Plan a party that'll make all of your friends jealous. Bonus: Post about that sweet shindig on your Strava Club and show all those other runners how you celebrate a win.

Need more details? Check out the OFFICIAL RULES.

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