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Staying motivated to swim in the off-season isn’t easy. You have to work hard to find what training methods work for you, and set smart goals to stick to your plan.

We asked five athletes to share what they’re doing in the pool this winter and their training advice. Check out our tips and recommendations for mixing up your off-season training with MySwimPro and Strava.

What is your training goal this winter?

Brian: Focus on building strength and preventing injuries with dryland workouts. I’m enjoying pairing my solo training with a masters team and competing in triathlons in the spring.

Erin: Improve my aerobic capacity for my marathon next summer by swimming and cross-training.

Iain: To get faster! For the past four years, all my training has been really long distances. I’m pairing cycling with my swimming to prepare for summer competition season.

Banu: Building endurance and increasing speed for upcoming open water meets next summer.

Simon: Increase my long distance pace and improve my endurance. In March 2019 I‘m taking part in the Swimathon Triple 5k Challenge. This is a 5k swim every day for three days and I’m aiming to complete each swim in under 2 hours.

How are you training and what tools do you use?

Brian: I swim 3,000–4,000 yards a couple times a week in a pool, and mix it up with strength training in the gym 2–3 times per week. I track everything with MySwimPro on my Garmin watch and love that my data transfers to Strava instantly and automatically. I am part of different communities on both apps, so it’s motivating to see how my friends are training and see what they’re accomplishing.

Erin: I work out 6 days a week, cycle 4x week, and swim and run once a week. Mixing in some swimming is the perfect way to build new muscles and still work on your endurance for marathon training. After I complete a MySwimPro workout on my Apple Watch, I love seeing it in my Strava feed next to my running and cycling activities. I can now see everything at once and make training decisions off of the simplified data.

What is your advice for new swimmers?

Simon: Just get in the pool and swim. Don’t stress… there will always be somebody who is faster or who has better technique. Don’t sweat it! Watch and pick up on any tips you can, but at the end of the day, the other swimmers in the pool are just as worried about their pace & technique as you are.

Banu: Aim to be comfortable in the water then learn the technique; watch, read, practice, and concentrate. But the most important part is to enjoy it and have fun!

Iain: Have a goal in mind. Whether it is improving skills or going for a specific event, it will give you something to aim for.

What is MySwimPro?

Swimmers of all levels use the MySwimPro app on their phone or smart watch for guided swim workouts, instructional video content, and analytics to track progress and measure improvement.

So whatever your goal is, whether it’s to lose weight, start swimming again, drop 10 seconds in an event, or try your first open water swim… 2019 is the year to do it. The most important part of your fitness journey is to start it, and MySwimPro will help you every step of the way.

To get started on your winter swimming goals, track your progress for free by syncing your MySwimPro and Strava accounts.