A story is only as great as the evolution of events and characters involved. Fortunately we have some amazing athletes and accomplishments to help shape the 2014 Strava Story.

This year the Strava community ran and rode a collective 2.9 billion km – the distance between Earth and Uranus (yes, we chuckled too). And we climbed a cumulative elevation of 29.1 billion meters – the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest 3.29 million times.


The most active days of the year also happened to coincide with some historic events. The first day of the Tour of Britain, Sunday, September 7th 2014, was the biggest day for cycling around the world. Just over a month later, runners were most active on Sunday, October 12th which also happened to be the day of the Chicago Marathon.

This year we also want to commemorate your personal achievements, so we’re making you a personalized highlights reel. Your 30-second film will feature your 2014 activities, including distance, elevation, time, and other major accomplishments.

What is your 2014 Strava Story?

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Our friend and fellow run Pro Jorge Maravilla logged a distance worth celebrating.


Distance runner Devon Yanko has surely put in her time this year; see what it takes to build up from Marathons to 100 milers.


While not all of us have the luxury of being a Pro, it’s still rather impressive to see how much elevation Ted King stacked up over the year.

I couldn’t resist creating my own film and seeing which Instagram photos it pulled in.


Create your film and share it with your friends and the community using the hashtag #stravastory.