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We want your experience on Strava to be awesome, whether you check your feed every hour or once a week. So we’re making a few changes to the Strava feed to be sure you don’t miss your friends’ best activities and photos, and that your biggest achievements get their attention, too. It’s that simple – we want you to see the coolest stuff every time you visit Strava. You’ll still be able to see all your friends’ activities and club posts, they will just be ordered in a way you’ll likely find the most interesting.

There is a huge community on Strava, always buzzing with uploads and interactions, and the feed is what brings athletes together. The kudos, the comments, and the conversations between athletes make the Strava experience rich. Whether you’re following five people or five hundred, if one of them uploads a big race, logs an epic adventure or posts some amazing sunrise photos on their commute, it should appear front and center in your feed. Similarly, when you share something awesome, your friends should see it.


On average, Strava athletes don’t see 60% of their friends’ activities in the feed. Currently, the feed is ordered chronologically, with the newest items at the top. If something interesting happens early in the morning (say, a friend finishes their first half marathon), by the time you check your feed that night it could easily be lost in the noise of other more routine activities.


And in the old feed, if too much time passed between the end of your activity and when you uploaded, you likely missed the so-called “kudos window” completely. It’s easy to do, with no internet access, a missing GPS cord, or you simply forget – we’ve heard it all and are hard at work on ways to improve your feed experience.

Those are just a few reasons why many Strava athletes have been asking for a better way to discover the best moments in their feeds… so here it comes. We’ll soon elevate those awesome posts that your friends have been commenting on while you were away. And we’ll work to ensure that they notice when you upload a tough workout, capture that epic sunrise photo, nail that ultra-clever activity title, or finish a race or event that really matters to you.

You may or may not be seeing these feed updates yet – we’re rolling out slowly to gather feedback and be sure it’s a great experience. Look for these changes now and throughout 2017. And we’d love to hear what you think about these changes and how we can make them even better. Send your feedback to the Support Team and join the discussion on this new way of using Strava.