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As much as we’d like to, we know we can’t always be chasing top 10s and setting personal records, so we’re adding some improvements to our Summit Live Segments feature to keep the challenges fresh and your motivation high.

Live Segments currently gives you a real-time comparison to your PR, the KOM/QOM/CR and the friend sitting just ahead of you on the leaderboard. Starting with the release of Garmin’s Edge 1030 and continuing to roll out to select future devices, Live Segments will also show how you’re stacking up in the moment against your last effort, the best time from your previous five attempts, and the friend that sits just behind you in the leaderboard – so whether your PR days are long behind you or you want to keep moving up the leaderboard, Live Segments gives you that extra bit of motivation.

When you’re looking for new routes or are traveling the world with an itch to get on the bike, Segment Explore helps you find quality riding anywhere you go. If there are especially iconic segments nearby, you’ll see them highlighted as Marquee Segments (which is another way of saying you should really check them out!) You can add the segments that interest you onto your device, and better yet, the Edge 1030 can automatically route you to the start of any one of them so you can get out the door and start riding.

Live Segments automatically syncs and updates your starred segments to your device, so they’re ready to go even if you don’t have your phone. As you approach the beginning of a segment, you’ll be notified to get ready before the clock starts ticking, and then it’s game on.


These new features will only be available for Summit members using Garmin’s Edge 1030 for now, but they’ll also be coming to future devices. In the meantime, check out the Edge 1030 below.