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Your Best Photos of 2019

We asked you to share your best photos of the year with us – the photos that show sport at its most raw and honest. The gritty and the great. The breakdowns and the breakthroughs.

Over 15,000 of you sent us images that captured that imperfect beauty which makes sport so special. Thank you to everyone who shared their best image of 2019 – we were blown away by all the incredible photos we received.

With the help of professional photographer Matt Trappe we narrowed down the entries to these winners, as well as our two people’s choice selections - congratulations! We hope you enjoy these standout shots.

The Winners

Adventure/Camera winner: Chris Pino

"The path between Corrour Station and Fort William was a total unknown for us. What started off as one of the most beautiful days on the bike quickly turned into a 7+ mile hike through one of the wettest parts of the UK. With the clouds rolling in, the light fading fast and one of us falling into a freezing stream I think it was safe to say we found the adventure we came looking for...and then some."

Strive/Camera winner: Elena Tishina

Elena snapped this photo of her friend Igor on his return from a year of injury. After a bike crash Igor spent months rehabing from surgery until finally, he was able to return to training. "The example of Igor and his struggle became for me a source of inspiration for new, unusual goals for me. This picture was taken in the pool during the next swimming training."

Adventure/Smartphone winner: Gregory Jacquet

"Signature sunset!"

Strive/Smartphone winner: Ana Luiza Oliveira

"The sun has not yet risen and here he is: the first in the pool. I felt a jolt of energy and did an amazing session that day..."

People's Choice Winners

Camaraderie winner: Anthony Leutenegger

"Camaraderie is not only found in happy moments but also ones of despair. After the WC CX Race, a french U23 female rider is consoled through a fence after the victory slipped away from her due to a poorly timed puncture. In despair she cried out as she crossed the finish line, collapsing by the fence, she had her mother, in similar anguish, to console her. "

Camaraderie winner: Michael Battaglia

"Rowing on the Charles River Basin in Boston, MA in early August 2019. This photo was taken at the end of several 15 hour + weeks of training in preparation for Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catharine's, ON. I had the pleasure of training with three other athletes for the entire summer in a four-man sculling boat. These people are now some of my best friends; spending 3+ hours a day in a boat together forges some kind of special bond! "

Runners Up

Adventure/Camera: Patrik Curila

"Chasing IronMan dreams these days, there is less time to experience this... but sometimes, it’s nice to spend some days to recover the body and mind from hard triathlon work."

Adventure/Camera: Anthony Roberts

"Our goal was the Pigne De La Le in Valais CH. At 3,400m it presents a moderate challenge, however with nearly 1 metre of snow on the final ridge it became both technically and physically more demanding. We reached the summit with only minutes to pitch our tent. Possibly the biggest challenge was getting back out of a warm tent to take a photograph!"

Strive/Camera: Daghan Perker

"Giving it all has a whole different meaning when you are a pro. Here, Stephen Hyde finishes Trek CX Cup on a pretty miserable day."

Strive/Camera: Mikhail Kapychka

"International swimming championship among athletes with disabilities. Minsk, Belarus."

Adventure/Mobile: Jonny Crutchley

"Mountain run to Ireland’s highest mountain, Carrantuohill , ended in an impromptu swim in Ireland’s highest lake."

Adventure/Mobile: Jackie Clifford

"Traveling to Lofoten, we knew our trip would be filled with stunning scenery and steep hikes. On this day, however, we decided to give the legs a rest and the arms a chance to do some work, so we hopped into a kayak for an arctic paddle in the Vestfjorden. It was cold and windy when we set off from Reine, but once we rounded the corner past Hamnoy it was perfectly still and calm. Floating in the clear water, a light rain fell from the sky and, as if it were planned, a perfectly-formed rainbow appeared before our eyes! Our guide began paddling towards it and then this photo was born. This was by far the most magical moment of our paddling adventure!"

Strive/Mobile: Norbert Kunecki

"The photo was created during the shortened – due to harsh weather conditions – Winter Karkonosze Ultramataton. Due to the difficult conditions, despite the short distance, it was one of the most difficult runs in which I've participated."

Strive/Mobile: Mikael Gyde Møller

"This picture is from this year's La Morzine Haut Chablais Granfondo. It's taken on the first big climb, the Col de Joux Verte. Early morning, while the clouds are still low and we - the cycling heroes - are battling with our first big climb out of 4. Beautiful landscape, great race, great day. My best cycling memory from 2019. And definitely also the hardest!"

Camaraderie/People's Vote: Daghan Perker

"Taylor gives the biggest hug to Sammi and Emily after a hard race at DCCX and they all start laughing."

Camaraderie/People's Vote: Brenden Clarke

"Whenever I shoot the NYC marathon, I stay almost the whole day looking for moments after the elites are finished. Not only does this image move you, I also went on quite the journey to find out who these individuals were. It was awesome to find out the were actually from Denmark and there is something so special about that as NYC is such a fantastic place with so many cultures represented."

Camaraderie/People's Vote: Phil Sweeney

"A group of us MTBers enjoy the last of the light in the September sun."

Camaraderie/People's Vote: Tony Vu

"I captured this photo of my two cycling homies. The ride itself was epic due to the very sketchy terrain and the fact that I wiped out early during the ride. But the reason I’m submitting this photo is because it reminds me of the wonderful stories, laughter and encouragement we shared during the ride. I also appreciated their wrenching skills to “fix” my bent rear derailleur and spirit to get me back on the bike #camaraderie ."

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