Many of you, from all around the world, have been asking us how to approach being active during these very challenging times. As part of our commitment to serving athletes, we’re doing our best to respond and help. Like always, when we have hard choices to make, we look to our values and core beliefs:

We believe that being active is good for people. It’s good for our mental and physical health in so many ways, especially in times of stress. If you’re like us, and we know you are, it’s tied to our sense of identity and happiness, and is a source of routine and calm when we need it most. We’ve asked athlete and epidemiology researcher Dr. Megan Roche to help us understand a bit more about being an athlete these days, and hope her answers give you some clarity and comfort. 

Our community standards are rooted in safety and respect. That’s respect for yourselves, each other, and local laws and customs. Your safety and health, and that of the people around you, are of paramount importance – that’s always been our point of view and remains so now. If local government and health officials are asking you to change your way of being active, please follow their instructions to the letter, both for your well-being and your community’s. If you feel that taking a break from being active would benefit you or those you love, please do. We’ll see you on the other side of that break when you’re ready. 

Staying connected matters, now as much as ever. Whether you’re able to work out now or not, we believe that we all can play a part in helping each other get through this. We’ve seen some heartwarming posts lately in our feeds from athletes offering support and resources, or posts asking for advice that athletes have helped to answer, or inspiring indoor uploads from athletes dedicated to their sport even though they can’t get outside. If you can be there for your community on Strava during this time, we encourage you to go for it… better to help too much than not enough. And a bit of advice that we feel is never a bad idea: Reach out often to those you love and let them know you care. 

Just like you, our ways of life are changing every day, and we are working hard to adapt in the best interests of our athletes and our employees. We’re in this together, we are as committed as ever, and will do everything in our power to take care of one another. 

The Strava Team