The Speed Project 3.0

Come be our sixth runner!

Do you want to run across the desert with us?

We’re looking for the sixth member of our team to complete THE SPEED PROJECT 3.0, a 340-mile running relay from Los Angeles to Las Vegas from Friday, March 10 - Saturday, March 11. Only 20 teams have been invited to participate, and Strava was granted one of the coveted spots. You'll join five other athletes who'll each run about 50 miles over the course of two days, trading off 10K legs between cheering each other on and hanging out in a giant sleeper RV. And after we get to Vegas, we’ll crash at the Hard Rock Hotel and have the best post-race pool party celebration you’ve ever seen.

THE SPEED PROJECT rests on two pillars: fun and fast. Team Strava will fully embrace both of those noble virtues as we try to break the course record, while reveling in the awkward, silly and hilarious moments we know will come from two days of non-stop running. We’ll have a film team helping us make a short documentary to capture the experiences of Team Strava, and you’ll be a key part of the story. And thanks to a generous contribution from Garmin, all teams will be tracking their races and sharing them on Strava so the entire world can follow their journey from L.A. to Vegas.

So, are you in?

If you’re not already picturing how much fun this is going to be, maybe this short teaser from last year’s race will help. For even more inspiration, check out The Speed Project on Instagram. Fill out the form below for a chance to join us at THE SPEED PROJECT 3.0 on March 9th.

We're Going to Vegas

What we ask of you:
First and foremost, have fun, be safe, and be a good sport.
Run the race (expect to run about 50 miles over the course of two days, broken into 5K-10K portions).
Arrive in LA on Thursday, March 9 by noon. Depart from either Las Vegas or LA on or after March 13. You’ll be responsible for getting yourself to and from the race.
Participate in Strava photography and videos before and during the event.
Share your workouts on Strava as you train for and race in the event.
Share your experience training and racing on social media.

What Strava will provide:
The RV and all gas needed for the event.
Drivers for all required driving.
Snacks and food for the RV.
Dinner in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Race entry fee for each team member.
Two nights of hotel accommodations (3 hotel rooms to be shared by the 6 team members) on March 9 and March 12.
Running apparel from The North Face for each member of the team.
A once in a lifetime experience.

Paul Leak, NYC, co-lead for November Project NYC.
Darcy Budworth, NYC, co-founder of the Take the Bridge series.
Peter Bromka, Portland, 2:29 marathoner, runs for the Stumprunners.
Scott Carmichael, San Francisco, software engineer at Strava.
Megan Erspamer, Portland, 120 mile ultra runner. Ice climber. Speed Project Veteran.

Matt Powers, NYC, Filmmaker.
Nick Isabella, L.A., Photographer.
Kyle McCall, S.F., Strava’s Social Media Specialist.
Vinnie Miliano, NYC, Coach at Mile High Run Club.

"Everyone involved is in the moment 100% of the time. The people around you and the objective at hand are the only things that matter in life. You spend hours and hours of pushing through pain and fatigue and working together."
-Megan Erspamer, THE SPEED PROJECT Veteran, member of Team Strava

Join Us

Thanks for your interest in being a part of Strava's team for The Speed Project. We are no longer taking submissions and are looking through all of the entrants we've already received. We'll be announcing our sixth runner soon!

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