The Event Organizer's Guide to Strava

Give your runners a great pre- and post-race experience and gain viewership for your sponsors by creating a club and race page for your event. Use this guide to help you build your club and familiarize yourself with all the ways you can make your event stand out.

Create a presence on Strava through a club

Your club is your home base on Strava. You can create calendar events, post race details and distribute training tips/advice/photos to the feeds of all of your club members. After a race, your club remains open to its members – ready for the next year, other events you may run or continuing conversations with participants. The club may also be of interest to any sponsors you have.
1. Go to, Hover over the 'Explore' tab and select 'Clubs' from the drop-down menu. Then click the 'Create a Club' button at the top right. 2. Enter your Club information and click 'Create Club'. All set! Now you can invite members, create posts and add your own events.

Share content with your club members

Your club can be used to post information about your event, as well as photos and links. Posting is quick and easy, and you can upload your content from web or mobile. Stoke the excitement with updates, tips, stories, etc. Expect higher engagement rates than other social channels – each post goes into the Strava feed of your followers.
Create posts, photos and events on web or mobile. Your members will see Club updates in their feed.

Verified Clubs

A "verified badge" next to your club name indicates that you are the official club to join. Once your club is built and you've made at least one post, you can request a verified badge using this link.
It only takes a few steps to verify your club. Once approved, an official badge will appear next to your club name.

How to grow your club

The Strava feed supports growing a club organically – athletes see when their friends have joined, which sparks them to follow. Thousands of impressions can be generated in the feed in a short period of time and your club can grow quickly. It is also worth inviting new members via email and other social networks, as each new club-join produces multiplied impressions in the Strava feed.
Invite athletes on Strava or via email. Expand your reach by posting to Facebook and Twitter.

Race pages make the best experience

Running events can have a featured race page that hold the route and the details on when the event’s happening. The race page allows people to discover your event and see their race results.

Your event may already have a race page – please check this link and ensure that the name, dates and routes are correct. To make amends to your existing race page or set up a new one, please complete and submit the application form here.
Check to see if your race is currently featured. Make sure to check the route for accuracy also.

Personalized Race Report

With a race page in place, all finishers uploading to Strava will receive an email with a personalized race report video. This short film features the individual’s athletic achievement including their training totals, race stats, and photos from their race activity. It also acts as a unique souvenir for their accomplishment and includes the ability to be shared on other social networks and Strava.

Segment challenges

For the biggest running races (over 5000 entrants), we can help set up a segment challenge on courses closed to traffic. Segment challenges are activated the day of your race and take place on a designated section of the course (a climb, the final mile, etc). Mid-race segment challenges add excitement and give participants more goals to chase in addition to their finishing time.

All runners who complete a segment challenge receive a digital finisher’s badge that appears on Strava, plus a special email to mark their achievement.

If you'd like to set up a segment challenge for your large event, contact
Segment challenges require a badge design. Challenge finishers get a special callout in their friends' Strava feed.

Raise the bar

Get the most from your event by creating a club, growing your community and setting up your race page. With this suite of features, you'll provide a more personal, streamlined and memorable experience for your participants and garner more exposure for your sponsors. Cheers!

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