Watch the story of your year.

We want to celebrate your effort with a personalized film that tells the story of your year – one that will bring back memories of 2015 and get you excited for an even bigger adventure next year.

The Big Adventure, an animation of your year on Strava in 60 seconds. There’s an option to create a ride and run version (or both), provided you have at least 5 uploads in one sport for 2015. We’ll calculate your total distance, add up your training time, select a few of your best photos, collect your kudos and even count the drops of sweat.

You ran and rode so far...

Strava athletes covered an amazing 2.8 billion miles/4.5 billion kilometers in 2015. You’re part of a global community that put in enough distance to make it from here to Neptune. (Seriously, Neptune!)

… and for so long

12.3 million days of activity were logged in the saddle and on foot this calendar year. If that were a relay it would last 33,722 years.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 5.17.13 PM

Climbing high…

On average in 2015, Strava cyclists and runners climbed up and down Mount Everest 12,578 times a day. We climbed over 43.8 Billion meters this year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 5.07.18 PM

Friends kept it fun…

Training partners, rivals, friends and plenty of buddies from all corners of the world gave 674 million kudos this year, showing support for great efforts, sharp photos and clever activity titles.


But of course, you finished strong.

Strava athletes uploaded an insane 168 million activities this year. That’s more than 5 activity uploads a second.

Watch your video. 

Incredible data from our global community…

Enjoy our community film, and thanks for riding and running with us.

The end… for now.

We’ll see you out there in 2016!