Analyze Anywhere

Get a detailed review of your performance with Workout Analysis, our most popular Summit feature for runners.

Just like your workouts, the pace of the world is picking up, and you shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to decipher your splits and review your training performance. Whether you’re alternating between hard efforts and recovery, trying to nail a dead-even pace or building up your run-walk intervals, getting the details on your laps and splits is critical to understanding your training and learning how to improve.

That's why we created Workout Analysis for mobile and web – so Summit athletes with the Analysis Pack can dig into the details of workouts anytime, anywhere, with easy-to-understand graphics.

Workout Analysis automatically graphs each split made when you use your device’s lap button or autolap function. Don’t use laps? No worries. You’ll see your splits by kilometer or mile according to your default measurement setting.

Distance, time and pace for every split is clearly represented with a concise bar graph. Pace zones show up in varying shades of blue, making it easy to see your intensity level for each effort.

If you haven’t set up your pace zones, you’ll be guided to our zone calculator. It’s a snap to use.

On mobile, you can switch between lap and kilometer/mile splits as well as choose the elevation or heart rate overlay in order to maximize information without cluttering up your view.

On the web, there's room to show even more workout details, so you’ll see a few extras when you have time to sit down at your computer. Toggle between your actual pace and grade-adjusted pace (GAP) to help account for efforts done on hills, and in addition to the bar graph visualizations, you can select a "smoothed" line graph of your splits to get an idea of how your pace fluctuated over each mile or kilometer. You'll also notice cadence and total elevation change data per split.

Refining your training based on past performances is key to becoming a better runner, and it’s easier than ever to do using Workout Analysis. Check your numbers while the details are still fresh in your mind (and in your legs) – at the track, at home or on the go.

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