Strava is the social network for athletes, but not everyone is comfortable calling themselves an athlete. It can be hard to live up to that title. Does it mean you have to be a pro? Or race? Or get a CR/KOM/QOM?

Our answer is: just be yourself. Be on the road. Be on the trail. Be relentless. Be daring. Be proud. Be a teammate to other athletes.

It doesn’t matter how fast you are, how many races you win – or if you race at all. All you have to do is strive. That’s it. Strive to be an athlete, and you are one. Be brave enough to lace up your shoes and break a sweat, and you’ll have a place in the Strava community.


Strive Vol. 1: Be a Teammate

This one goes out to all our running, riding and swimming buddies, training partners, and friendly rivals.
Thanks for having our backs (and bringing beers).


Strive Vol. 2: Be Relentless

The climbs are where champions are made, where crooked paths lead to the best sunrise views, or a place where the speed can slow down enough for a friendly chat.

Climbs are more than segments, they take us places: to the mountain tops, to that next level of fitness, or to the best sunrise view in town. But no matter your pace, they always demand at least a little extra, and most days the reward is sweet enough to erase the pain that got you there. And that’s why we love them.


Strive Vol. 3: Be Daring

The descent is the cyclist’s reward. Equal parts bliss, exhilaration and terror, it’s a puzzle and a payoff all in one. Outsiders don’t get it. But try it once and you’re hooked. Let the hooting and hollering commence. Here’s our tribute to the long way down.

Some descents are sketchy, some are exhilarating, and some just make your knees hurt. Here’s an incredible one from an abandoned, mountainside slate mine that’s all of the above and more… the athletes made it beautiful. Safe to say these guys are striving.


Strive Vol. 4: Be Proud

The cycling community always shines in this one particular moment: fixing a puncture on the side of the road. It doesn’t matter who you are, every passing rider will say essentially the same thing. “You ok?” “Need anything?” It’s a small courtesy that makes a big difference.

This one’s for our running moms and dads. Intervals behind a stroller ain’t pretty, but if you’re making the most of your run (and sleeping kid) you’re striving.


Strive Vol. 5: Be Determined

What does it take to ride at full speed for an hour around a dead-flat loop in the middle of a busy urban port, full of huge trucks and railroad tracks so rough they crack rims – all for exactly $0 in prize money and barely a shred of glory? In a word, determination. Welcome to the POO, otherwise known as the weekly Port of Oakland ride.

Not everyone can make it to a parkrun, but everyone should run like a parkrunner at least once in awhile. The format is simple: Every Saturday rain or shine, 5k as fast as you can, and absolutely anyone is welcome. The parkrun gang has managed to strike a perfect balance of intense competition and total inclusivity. It’s exactly what #strive is about.


Strive Vol. 6: One More Lap

This one’s dedicated to that last hill repeat – the final effort before an easy spin home. It’s also the final short film of the Strive Campaign. Enjoy, and thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

This one’s dedicated to that last interval – the final effort before an easy jog home.

Share How You #Strive

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