Over the past couple of weeks we’ve released a series of new Premium features in an effort to help you stay motivated, train more effectively, and have fun. The best part is that we’re just getting started. These features are the foundation of a growing set of Premium tools and benefits that will serve our dedicated athletes around the globe. Our Premium feature-set focuses on four major themes:

1) Set Goals
We’re athletes – we’re always striving for that next event or PR – that’s what we do. Whatever the milestone may be, we want to help you get there. Setting goals will be the foundation of your training and Strava is here to motivate you, but also hold you accountable. Learn more about this first iteration of a new Premium feature suite designed to help you achieve more:

  • Progress Goals – Set time and distance goals and track your progress week over week

2) Train Intelligently
As dedicated athletes, many of you have invested in external hardware, like heart rate monitors and power meters, to help you improve. We want you to learn more from your sensory data to understand the type of athlete you are and how your workouts impact your overall fitness. Proper training means more effective and efficient workouts so you can avoid injury and meet your goals. Check out the current Premium features designed to help discover more about your effort, whether it be on the road, track or trail:

3) Compare & Compete
See your training and goal setting payoff with a variety of ways to track your performances over time. Get the affirmation or reality check you need by seeing how you stack up against athletes most similar to you. Best yourself, or focus on edging out the competition — Strava is here to track and motivate you to do both. Learn more about the Premium features that give you the competitive fuel to reach your highest potential:

4) Have Fun
At the very core, we do our sport because it makes us happy. Whether you like to compete, stay fit, or explore, Strava wants to help you discover and preserve the aspects of your sport that motivate you and lead an active lifestyle fill with adventure. Learn more about the growing list of Premium features that will push you to get outside and get going:

If you are not already a Premium member, upgrade now to stay motivated and get maximum enjoyment out of your life as an athlete. As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to introducing more Premium features and benefits throughout the year.