Your Strava profile is your way to show the world who you are as an athlete. To help you showcase your athletic history, we’ve released a much needed update to our logged-out athlete pages.  We’ve cleaned up the design, made them mobile-friendly, and included more top-level stats.


Now when you share your profile with friends they’ll be able to see more of your accomplishments and social connections on Strava.   You can set up a custom URL for your profile in your Settings so it’s easier to share and remember.

As a reminder, we do have Privacy settings that let you choose how much personal information is shared to logged-in and logged-out visitors. If you’d prefer to keep your name anonymized and require that athletes request to follow you to see your activities and photos, you can turn on Enhanced Privacy Mode.

We have more great updates in store for profile pages and we’d love to hear more about what you’d like to show off, so please share your feedback with us.