Strava is already where millions of athletes go to record activities, track their training and connect with their friends. Now it can also be where you find your next destination race, get advice on the best mountain bike shoes, find tips for treating runner’s knee and share the story of how you rocked that trail half marathon.

We are gradually rolling out our biggest update of the year: Athlete Posts. Many of the athletes you follow can now share all kinds of posts in the feed in addition to activity uploads. Stories, reviews, photos, articles, race reports, questions – whatever’s on our mind about the sports we love, more and more Strava athletes are going to be able to share that with their Strava followers.

Think about it: You could have everything you love about your sport under one roof. No more digging through forums built in the ’90s to find the answer to your niche gear question or sending out your race report to everyone you know, including long lost friends and distant relatives you haven’t spoken to in years. You no longer have to sift through political rants or cat GIFs just to get a recommendation for your next pair of running shoes – Strava’s the new home for your athletic life.

One more thing: You’ll only see athlete posts from athletes you follow. Follow some of the awesome athletes who have been using this feature for a few months and sharing great posts with their friends and followers. Get inspired by their cool pictures and honest words and try out posts for yourself. And if you don’t have access to the feature yet, hang tight. We’ll be rolling it out to all Strava athletes soon.

1. Post a Question

Kate Carter asked, “What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever Strava-ed?”

Lauren Fleshman asked for motivation from fellow mothers while struggling with running during pregnancy.

Marcus Burghardt answered questions on Tour de France rest days and gave a behind-the-scenes look at racing with the peloton.


2. Post a Tip

Cat Simpson shared tips for surviving very long running races.

Felix Hentschel shared his five tips on how to better your running mechanics.

Kelly Roberts posted advice to “Show up. Just show up. Keep showing up.” after she almost didn’t attend the Strava Mile because she was intimidated.

3. Post a Workout or Race Report

Kevin Sprouse explains the benefits of strength training for endurance athletes.

Martin Yelling wrote up five things he learned from running a 5:02 marathon.

4. Post a Story with Photos

Katie Zaferes shared the story of how she finished 2nd at the ITU World Triathlon in Yokohama, Japan and took over the World Triathlon Series lead.

Romain Bourven shared his photos from the Strava Mile event in Paris.

Caroline Gleich recounted climbing to the summit of Mt. Rainier (10,000 vertical feet!) and then skiing back down in one day.

5. Post a Route

Susie Chan posted about running up the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain.

Jered Gruber shared his favorite secret segment in the Dolomites.