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We continue this week with another solid workout from the team at McMillan Running: Vigil Miles. Vigil Miles can be a tool used to train for almost any distance, from 5K to Marathon.


Coach Joe Vigil is arguably the best running coach the US has ever had. He’s a blend of tough, no nonsense “get the work done” kind of coaching paired with a knowledge that while he’s pushing you to your limits, he cares deeply about your success. He demands your best and you want to give it to him.

This workout is one he prescribes often and like him, it asks a lot of you but gives much in return.  After a warm-up, perform 4 repeats of 1 mile at your half marathon to 10K race pace*, depending on your ability level. Take at least 2-3 minutes rest between each. Make sure you are fully recovered before starting the next one. The last 1-2 repeats will ask a lot of you so bring your “A” game to this session.

What it is: 4-6 x 1 mile at 10K race pace* with 2-3 minutes jog

Ease into the pace — start this at your half marathon pace to feel comfortable with the effort, recovery fully between each rep. If the first one feels comfortable, continue the subsequent rep at a slightly fast pace, moving to 10K race pace on the final rep.

Advanced runners can attempt to do this workout with all repeats at their 10K race pace*. *Use the McMillan Calculator to help you find your half marathon and 10K race paces.

Coach Vigil uses this workout to prepare runners for all race distances and I find it’s a great “gut check” workout that you can insert any time across your training plan.  The pace is close to your VO2max – the maximum amount of oxygen you can utilize – so this workout is a great assessment of this important physiological parameter.

What it looks like: The visualization below shows this workout executed using our new Workout Analysis feature. In this example the reps are kept to a consistent pace with the last two being the strongest. Tell us how the workouts goes. Use your laps button to get the benefits of this Premium feature and name your workout #VigilMiles.

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