We know that COVID-19 makes this a challenging if not impossible time for many athletes to get outside. Please put your health and safety first. We’re releasing this feature early for anyone who's able to enjoy it, and so we can learn from your feedback and make Routes better for when these difficult times are behind us.

Strava athletes know the best places to ride and run, and with 50 million of you in total, that's a whole lot of routes – not just the world's must-do roads and trails, but also the easiest ways to get around town and the most bang-for-the-buck workouts from almost anywhere.

To help you unlock all that knowledge, we're building new features for Routes, powered by the Strava community and OpenStreetMap, the world's biggest open-source map dataset.

This first round of updates is focused on the app, and we're already working on what's next, including more improvements to the app as well as updates to Routes on the web.

Check it out by hitting the Explore button in the app, and if you don't already have a subscription to Strava, start a free trial to dive in.

You Say What and Where – We'll Build It

Whether you're looking for a new run or ride from your front door or to explore somewhere unfamiliar, you can quickly get personalized route suggestions that fit the bill, straight from your phone. Long or short, paved or dirt, hilly or flat – you decide and we'll create options based on where athletes actually go.

Know What to Expect

Heading somewhere new can be daunting, even if it's just taking a right instead of a left down the same old street. So we've built in features to let you learn the ins and outs of your route.

Get a feel for how long each route will take with time estimates based on your recent activity and the efforts of athletes who’ve been there.

Check out the details screen and learn when to expect any climbs or changes in surface. (Surface data isn't perfect everywhere – hang tight as we dial in areas that aren't labeled exactly right.)

Use the Heatmap overlay to see popularity on any particular section of your route, and watch the map light up with the most common paths from 3 billion activities worldwide.

Strava Routes are powered by athletes, which means we love hearing from you about your route, especially if we got it wrong. We'll be improving this new feature every chance we get and need your feedback - we're listening, let us know!

Find, Save and Navigate in Seconds

When you find a route you like, save it, navigate straight from the app, or use it on compatible devices. You can also share it with friends, training partners or anyone else looking for a new place to go.

Build Your Own

Your route suggestions are based on what's popular in the area, but if you want to go your own way, you can draw your own route turn by turn, or outline the general path you want to take and it'll match to nearby roads and trails.

More on the Way

There are way more features to build than we could fit in this first release, so we're working hard on the next round of updates and improvements. Look for more ways to customize and use routes on both your phone and the web soon.

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