Kudos in Real Life

There’s nothing quite like getting a postcard in the mail. Write one for a friend with your own kudos message, and we’ll mail it to their door.

Giving kudos is how Strava athletes celebrate one another.

Thank you for your interest in Kudos in Real Life! Throughout the fall, athletes like yourself have sent over 7,000 messages of support and gratitude to other athletes around the country. We are thrilled and inspired by all of the encouragement our athletes provide to one another. Kudos to you!

We've taken a pause on mailing postcards at the moment, but we're still delivering personalized kudos emails, so write and send away!

These kudos come with a few extra rewards!

The Feed

Looking to get race-ready and have a speedy recovery after your big event? The proper sports nutrition can help you get there with this free trial from The Feed. You'll get a free nutrition box and water bottle, and you can cancel at anytime.

Edge Athlete Lounge

Running or cheering the Chicago Marathon? Show your Kudos postcard or email at Edge Athlete Lounge in Chicago for a complimentary Strava Kudos recovery smoothie from October 9 - November 10 (while supplies last).

New Balance

Training for the TCS New York City Marathon? Visit Strava at the New Balance Run Club pop-up during race weekend for a special reward.

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