Start the year off strong and let January set the tone for the rest of 2014.

Each time you step out the door you are proving something to yourself, to others. Through your activity, the photos you take, the people you workout with, the challenges and races you finish, the PR’s and CR’s you set, you prove your story. There is nothing more motivating than proving you can do something you set out to do.

What will you Prove?

In addition to this month’s Prove it challenge we want to hear your stories. We’re not only interested in how fast you go or how far you can push yourself. What we want to see is proof, creative ways of documenting your goals and a conscious display of style. Prove you can run your first or fiftieth marathon. Prove you can climb a famous or familiar peak. Prove you beat your own PR or CR on a segment. Don’t be shy; tell people what you are out to prove.

Share stories, take creative photos and prove your endeavors via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and blog using the hashtag #stravaproveit.

Each day, throughout the month of January we’ll be giving away a Prove it tee to the athletes that send us proof. We will also be featuring the great stories, grand goals and best examples of what Strava athletes are out to prove in 2014. If you don’t have an idea today, you’ve got 31 days to prove it.