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The Strava community is full of stories and accomplishments. Strava is a place where we share our race wins and encourage our friends: We give over 6.5 million kudos and 2.8 million comments every day! And Strava athletes are always sharing photos of their favorite coffee stops or the sickest singletrack trails with their friends. We’ve posted over 108 million photos in total!

So whether you’re a downhill skier or a cross-country runner, we know you’ll appreciate these tools for staying connected with your friends and teammates. Check out our five favorite social features and give them a go.


Social Feature Edu_1_emoji

Did that activity leave you at a loss for words? Say it with emoji! Strava supports the international pictographic language in activity titles, comments, descriptions and anywhere else you can type text.

Setting Highlight Photo

Social Feature Edu_2_photo

Put your best shot first and get more kudos. With the ability to set the highlight photo on an activity, you can control how your activity is previewed in the feed.

@ Mentions in Comments

Social Feature Edu_3_@

“Hey, @Akiko, check out these trails!” When you mention an athlete’s name in an activity comment using the @ symbol, they’ll receive a notification letting them know. Use it to call attention to a route you want them to check out or an athlete they should follow. For now, you can only tag athletes on mobile, but we’ll be bringing the conversation to the web soon.


Social Feature Edu_4_club

Get some friends together and form a club for your team or join one of the many awesome brand clubs on Strava today. All clubs feature the ability to create events and discussions and feature a leaderboard so you can see who’s riding and who’s hiding.

Social Share

Social Feature Edu_5_social share

Set a new 5k PR? Finish a huge ride? Have a rad day of skiing? Our social share feature will overlay the key stats from your activity onto any photo you’ve attached to it. Tell your friends, they’re gonna want to see this.