Wouldn’t it be nice to be in Australia right now? While it’s the dead of winter in much of the northern hemisphere, the 10-day weather forecast in Adelaide calls for temps in the mid 80’s fahrenheit (30 celcius). Just about perfect for riding during the Tour Down Under on January 19-26th.


Since we can’t make it around the world to see the event first hand, we’ve allowed our friends at Manual for Speed to hijack our @stravacycling Instagram account to share the experience. Manual for Speed is a collection of photo essays, narratives, interviews and anecdotes, all of which, either directly or indirectly, illustrate the pursuit of speed.

Daniel Wakefield and Emiliano Granado will give us a taste for what it’s like to be on the ground at each stage of the race. Starting Sunday, they’ll be posting live from the first stop on the world cycling calendar.

Follow the journey and see the race unfold.