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UTMB: Nuits Blanches

How often do you seek out darkness?

The total, all-consuming midnight black that drapes itself around you like a cape? We’d imagine, not very often. Because there’s something unknowable and uninviting about the dark.

The only certainty of Ultra-Trail Mt. Blanc, a 100-mile footrace around its namesake, is that it will be dark. The experience of the running itself is constantly shifting: you strain on the uphills, you float softly down the descents, you feel sore, hungry and then sore all over again. You move forward, and then what feels like backward. But you’re guaranteed to have to confront the dark, your world reduced to the beam of light from your headlamp and the steady rhythm of your breathing.

This is a film about that feeling. About what it means to endure a night in the mountains. To be your own beacon in a sea of black. This is a film about the human will to chase a dream while fighting to stay awake.

“The night removes all time and space dimensions. It’s a cocoon.”
Clare Le Pors

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