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There’s a club for everyone.

Whatever your interest, there’s probably a club for you (and if there isn’t, you can start one!).

From your phone you can now:

Discover popular clubs near you
Search for new clubs based on location, name and sport type
Join or invite others to a club
Start or comment in a club discussion
Share your club on other social networks
View a weekly club leaderboard
Create events, invite and RSVP


Improved Leaderboards

Club leaderboards got a nice makeover, too, with a new mobile and web experience. Club athletes can still to compare their weekly stats to fellow club members, but we’ve also added a scatterplot that makes it extra easy to see how you’re training compared to the rest of the gang. It’s not a contest (unless your club wants it to be!), but rather a nice way to keep motivated or stay on track with a group training plan.


“Strava’s club feature is a simple way to see what our members are up to. So whether someone has smashed out a new PR or just done a big training week, we are able to give them some kudos and let them know we’re rooting for them.”James Poole, Advent Running Club


Whatever your club wants to discuss – the next group activity, gear suggestions, leg shaving techniques.


“I like how the iRunFar community on Strava initiates and maintains its own discussions. It’s encouraging to see a community on the internet remain civil, informative, and friendly with minimal outside influence.” – Byron PowellIRunFar

Organize a Group Activity

The world does not need another massive group email, announcing an upcoming group activity with confusing route descriptions, followed by an avalanche of “reply alls” that inevitably spill over to text messages and last-minute calls. This is our next iteration to bring group activity organization to one place – where it belongs, on Strava. Club admins can:

– Create a one-time or recurring group activity with specific meetup details like time, date and planned pace

– Build and attach a route to the activity, which can be downloaded to participants’ phones and GPS devices

– Create a discussion about the activity to be sure everyone’s on the same page and to alert the group day-of if any athletes are running late or bailing (shame on you!) EventsOnMobile_EN_Multi“Clubs are a great way to see my team’s activities. It motivates me when I see where they are riding, how far they rode and how much they climbed. It’s great for organizing team rides and races and just made communicating with my teammates that much easier.” Donalrey Nieva, The 5th Floor Cycing Club

We want clubs to be the place where Strava athletes congregate and scheme their next adventure, whether the club is just you and your training partner or thousands of athletes.