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The comfort of knowing that someone has your back when you head out on the road or trail has made Beacon an essential feature for Premium athletes, but its usefulness doesn’t stop there. Here are five more ways that athletes like you have been getting the most out of Beacon:

1. OMW

“On my way.” That’s what the message says, but the old OMW text often leaves those on the receiving end without a clue as to how close you are. Whether you’re coming home late from work or heading out for a group ride, send out a Beacon to lower their anxiety while they wait for you. And if your buddies decide to leave without you because you’re still scavenging your bureau for a matching pair of socks, well, that’s out of our hands.

2. The Intercept

So you’ve found your socks but now your so-called “mates” are nowhere to be found. Never fear, for you can also use Beacon to re-establish contact with the group. By keeping tabs on their location, you can plan to intercept them and join back up. No advanced trigonometry required!

3. Virtual Sweeper

Riding and running friends come in all shapes, sizes and speeds – and that’s part of the fun. At the end of a hard segment or at a regroup point, it behooves those who get there first to ensure the pack is all together before continuing on. If you find someone is taking an unusually long while to reconnect, check out their Beacon to make sure they haven’t missed a turn or aren’t stuck at the side of the road.

4. Personal Race Tracker

For the racers among us, it’s important to remember that even just one friend or loved one constitutes a legitimate fan club. You can make sure your committed followers are always cheering at the correct corner or are ready at the feed zone by sending them a Beacon before toeing the line. A prime example from ultrarunner Scott Carmichael:

“During the Rio del Lago 100 miler, my pacers would’ve waited up at checkpoints for 2–3 hours longer after I ended up with blister-turned-shin-pain problems during a few sections. Beacon really took the guessing out of when I’d be somewhere.”

5. The Polygraph

Facts are facts, and polylines don’t lie. If you told your SO that you were heading out for a long day with the squad but your Beacon shows you’ve been at the pub for three hours, you better brace yourself. Your Beacon might very well be Exhibit A when you come back through the door. Have your alibi ready!

Whether you’re running through the woods, cycling to the cafe or doing something totally different, we’re sure there are plenty more situations that Beacon comes in handy for you. Leave a comment below and tell us how you use Beacon.