Building the Home of Your Active Life

Introducing posts and the redesigned feed.

Our Biggest Update of the Year

Strava has long been the place to record your activities, but there’s a lot more to being an athlete than working out. Stories, photos, questions, gear tips, route recommendations, activity invites – starting today, you can share more of your athletic life with posts.

With this new functionality, we're redesigning the feed so that it’s easier to see what’s going on in your athletic world. Activities remain at the heart of the new feed, with photos, maps and achievements more prominently displayed so your efforts get the attention they deserve.

Your activities and achievements stand out in the new feed.

Got questions? Your followers have answers.

Have a question about training or need a suggestion for a new segment to explore? You’ll find no better audience than the same friends who have been giving you kudos all along. The Strava community is rich with the knowledge and experience of millions of athletes across the globe, and we’re not known for our lack of enthusiasm.

Share and discover tips, tricks and advice.

What makes posts on Strava different? You do. You’re an athlete, and all your friends on Strava are, too. So it’s like being at a party full of athletes, where there are no limits to the nerdiness of your gear-related conversations, and where everyone shares your passion and strange tan lines. Posts on Strava are different because the sport content you love isn’t the exception, it’s the norm. (And just as important, the curation, drama and clickbait content on other social networks can stay on other social networks. Filters and negativity aren’t what being an athlete is about.)

Everyone has a story to tell.

So, what makes a good post? The best posts we’ve seen so far have been everything from straightforward and useful to creative and entertaining – whether it’s a bit of advice, a funny story, an inspiring photo, a favorite cross-training workout, a can’t-miss segment, an honest question, or just expressing how you’ve been feeling about your sport lately.

Planning that next group activity just got easier.

Simple posts look great in the feed, too. Want to work out with some friends this weekend? Just put the word out with a quick post. That might not fly on other social networks, but you’ll probably find some takers on Strava.

You don’t have to be working out to share an amazing photo.

Posts don’t have to be beautiful or verbose – they just have to be real. If it matters to you and it’s about sports, your post belongs on Strava.

How To Post

Use Athlete Posts to create content to share in the feed beyond activity uploads. Stories, photos, questions, tips, race reports, workouts, segments, routes – pretty much everything that’s great about sports beyond the activity has a place on Strava. To create a post, click on the + icon located on the top menu of the app or on web.

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