Oh WOW, time flies when you are having fun. This week marks the twelfth and final workout in our training series from Lauren Fleshman. Don’t worry, Lauren’s wise words will return next month in a new engaging format.  If you want to check out the previous WOW’s visit the Workout of the Week page.


Just like the villain himself, races are scarier in our dreams than in reality.

If you have a big 5k or 10k coming up, and you’re looking for a workout to get you truly ready, and put the demons to rest, this is it.

What it is:

1 mile at 10k pace 3-5 min lap walk/jog
4 x 200 at mile pace with 30 seconds rest, 3-5 min lap walk/jog
1 mile a little faster (5k pace ish), 3-5 min lap walk/jog
4 x 200 at mile pace with 30 seconds rest

Head to your local track and get pumped because you’re about to lay the smack down. This workout will get you ready for anything. It is ideal for 10-14 days before a race as the last hard effort before a taper. But it’s also just a great staple session for those seeking to get fitter, stronger and faster.

After a 15 minute warmup jog, I recommend 3 or 4 15-second stride outs to get the legs moving, and one longer stride of 1 minute. This is how a lot of experienced runners prime their body for a good workout.

Run your first mile nice and even, strong but relaxed. After a lap easy walk/jog, start your 200’s. These are done with the same approach as #TheTaylorSwift, running quickly, with the main focus being recovering as efficiently as possible in a short amount of time (30 seconds) before starting the next 200. You’ll run half a lap around the track, walk to circle back to where you finished, and then start the next one from there. Time flies by, and even though you’re running quick, you’re cool as a cucumber. On your next tough mile, run those four laps around the track a little quicker than your first mile. Somewhere between 1-10 seconds faster is plenty! On your last 4 x 200, do your best to match what you did on the first set. #FreddyKruger has nothing on you!

Jog an easy 2-4 laps for your cooldown and you are done. You, my friend, are ready to run a good race.

With experience, you can move up to 8 x 200’s instead of 4 x 200’s.
Want something shorter? Swap the 1 mile intervals for 1k’s (2.5 laps).

How did #FreddyKruger fare against you? Let us know!

Photos from Amos Morgan