Cyclists flocked to Berlin in March for the Berlin Bicycle Week and Fahrradschau – it’s the biggest festival of cycling in Europe each spring. And this year Strava brought a bit of friendly competition to the party.

In conjunction with local cycling club Zugvogel Berlin, we held the first ever Strava King of the Airfield competition – a time trial on the runways and service roads of the airfield.




Tempelhof’s name was inscribed in history when in the 1960s the Soviets threatened to cut off West Berlin, and the Allies, led by the US, mounted a huge operation to fly in supplies to the trapped population. The Berlin Air Lift, as it was known, lives on in West Berliners’ memories, but Tempelhof is now an open space that is shared and enjoyed by the whole city. Runners, rollerbladers and, yes, cyclists, all go to Tempelhof to stretch their legs and for a breath of fresh air.



When Strava joined them, the air was very fresh indeed. We set up our King of the Airfield HQ on a misty and atmospheric Sunday, with a strong wind that blew into our riders’ faces on the homeward stretch of the time trial. Next to us, a world 24-hour distance record supported by Specialized was in full flow, but King of the Airfield contenders had their own 4km loop on a dedicated segment.


In all almost 100 cyclists competed. The fastest time on the Strava King of the Airfield segment was recorded at 5:39 by Enrico Heinowsky, with an average speed of 42,5km/h. The fastest female contestant was Sam Sandten, who completed the course in 6:33 (36,6km/h).




Thanks to everyone who competed, and especially to Zugvogel Berlin. Congratulations to our King and Queen, and see you next year to defend your title!


Like our photos? They were taken by pro photographer and Strava user Antton Miettinen. Check out the whole set on Facebook. And don’t forget to use our new Strava Photo functionality to add all your best shots to your rides – read more about it here.