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A Summer on the GR® Trails: Your Best Photos

The GR® trails, also known as “Chemins de Grande Randonnée”, are one of the largest trail networks in the world. Covering 98,000 km across France and its neighbouring countries, the GR® trails provide a unique playground for athletes – from mountain to sea, their red and white signs have guided athletes for more than 70 years.

We asked you to share your best shots of the summer on the GR® trails – hiking, running or biking – to pay tribute to this incredible network of routes. More than 2,500 of you participated, capturing unique moments of your adventures. We were blown away by the photos we received, thank you all for your participation. In this very unusual year, these summer trail activities will have a special place in our memories.

Photographer Alexis Berg helped us choose the winners and finalists in the 3 categories, as well as a selection of other stand out photos.

"In a time of dead ends, everyone is looking for an escape. The long-distance hiking trails are wide open exit doors. At the end of any path, another one always begins: there are 95,000 kilometers of GR® trails in France." – Alexis Berg

The Winners

Hiking: Bastien Lecaplain

"Hiker in the hollow of the Breche de Rolland in the morning... This is a photo taken with a drone on the sixth day of walking, solo and totally self-sufficient, on the GR®400 before going to the top of Puy Mary.”
Trail : GR®400
Alexis: "A simple, beautiful and classic image. A stick, a backpack, eyes on the horizon: the essence of a morning hike."

Run: Antoine George

"Run at sunset near the Prati refuge on the mythical GR®20."
Trail : GR®20
Alexis: "Mischievous runners, perfect light and excellent technical mastery from the photographer."

Ride: Ludovic Oddos

"View of the Pyrenees and the sea of clouds, a well-deserved landscape after the ascent of the Port of Aula in Gravel mode."
Trail : GR®10
Alexis: "An elegant and sensitive photo. A sober but impeccable composition."

The Runners Up

Hiking - Olivier Sabatier

"I'm sending you our Queyras postcard. Yesterday we met the local giants: Mount Viso and also the "Sugar Loaf", which we will hope to climb this morning for sunrise. Tonight we stop at the gîte de la Monta. We are on the road with David for a month, following the 8 GR® program: the Provencal baronies, the Herault, the Queyras, the Auvergne, the Jura, the Aisne, the Ile de France, the Atlantic Loire!"
Trail : GR®58

Hiking - Solène Schuster

"After 2 days of rain, the sky cleared and the clouds left a thin film of snow on the summits. I decided to go hiking with my dog Jasper on a section of the GR®5 above the town of Montgenèvre. In the picture, you can distinguish Jasper at the Col de la Lauze with, in the background, the Roche Bernaude and the Aiguille Rouge on the left, the Pic du Lauzin in the center and the Pointe des Rochers Charniers on the right. Jasper, an unconditional marmot lover, enjoys his view from the Col".
Trail : GR®5

Run - Edouard Salmon

"Aerial view of an equally aerial runner crossing an obstacle during a trail session at sunset."
Trail : GR®364

Run - Guillaume Rouger

"A vertical ascent to the Pic de Bure with a little tempo effort before finally being able to unroll the stride on the plateau. What a blast!"
Trail : GR® de Pays Tour du Dévoluy

Ride - Julien Gaillard

"In the middle of the Gevaudan, on the Grande Traversée du Massif Central."
Trail : GR®4

Ride - Andrew Irwin

"Laura wanted to push her limits a little for her birthday. 220 km for her 22nd birthday, rolling gravel, with a nice feeling of fatigue at the end of the day!"
Trail : GR®223

Our Other Favorites

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