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LiveRowing workouts are now on Strava.

LiveRowing transforms the standard Concept2 indoor rowing machine workout into a fun and challenging workout. Just connect the LiveRowing app with any Concept2 rowing machine and sync your account to Strava to see all your rowing metrics on your Strava profile.

Keep track of your rowing stats.

Once you sync your LiveRowing account to Strava, your workout summary will be posted as a new rowing activity on Strava. You'll see the workout description, total time, total distance, average split time per 500m, stroke rate, and calories burned.

Discover and share new workouts.

You'll find hundreds of free workouts and athletes to train with on LiveRowing. Join the LiveRowing community on Strava to connect with other rowers, share your achievements, and discover new ways to train.

Try LiveRowing with Strava today.

All you need to get started is the free LiveRowing iOS app, a Concept2 rowing machine, and a LiveRowing Connect cable (not required with the Concept2 Performance Monitor 5). Then, just connect to Strava from the LiveRowing app, and your workouts will sync automatically.

Experience LiveRowing on Strava today.

Download the LiveRowing app now to connect to Strava and start rowing today.

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