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Every Year in Sport video ends differently. What’s yours look like?

There are six slices in your athlete graph, each color-coded to the data shown in the margins – time, distance, elevation, longest activity, PRs and days active. We picked these stats because they represent the year well no matter how you use Strava, and any kind of athlete can end the year with great numbers… doesn’t matter how fast or strong you are, just have to put in the work. (Though athletes in places like Florida or the Netherlands get a pass on their total elevation stats. We know big hills are hard to come by where you are – sorry, gang.)

Every slice of the athlete graph also has six rings, each representing how much you got out there this year. Ring levels are easier to gain at the beginning to give new or less-able athletes something to be proud of, but then ramp up in difficulty toward the outer limits to give hardcore Strava athletes a worthy challenge. Of the tens of millions of Strava athletes, only thousands have all six slices filled to the outer ring, which, given our roots in cycling, we feel obliged to call “the big ring.” And as you’d expect, a year in the big ring ain’t easy.

Romain Bardet rode his way to a stage win and podium finish at last year’s Tour – but no monsieur, not all the way into the big ring. Need to upload all your training rides in 2018, Romain!

Trail-running extraordinaire Cat Simpson found her way into the big ring last year mostly on foot. Runner athlete graphs have lower ring limits on the distance, elevation and longest activity slices. Riding a century and running a 100-mile ultra are not the same endeavor.

You’ll probably also see a few friends with normal looking athlete graphs, but with a slice or two into the big ring. For example, #NoDaysOff athletes will easily fill out the blue slice. Or some athletes, like Strava marketer Larissa Rivers, will have a filled-out graph with a strangely tiny slice. She had an active 2017, but spent most of the year at “pregnancy pace” on familiar segments, so PRs are understandably low.

To see your athlete graph, make your Year in Sport video at And if you managed to have a big ring year for all six slices, we’ll done! You’ve had a rare year… share that puppy with pride using #YearInSport.

And if you just have to know (we get it), here’s the breakdown for each section of the athlete graph: