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Always by My Side
You’re the last person at the luggage carousel, waiting for your bag to come out and a creeping dread tells you it’s not going to. Lost luggage can be a pain on a vacation, but if you’re flying to a race it can be an absolute nightmare. Always keep your race day essentials in your carry-on, that way you’ll be certain you have everything you need on the starting line.

Keep the Pressure On
Sitting for hours at a time can leave your legs feeling tired and heavy, and if you’re flying to a race or driving a long distance, it can be hard to get up and move around. Compression socks are an easy (if a little bit dorky looking) solution to keep the blood flowing while you travel. You don’t need to break the bank on a fancy athletic model either – the generic medical variety you can get at the pharmacy are perfect for travel!

Taking compression to the next level.

Clear and Copious
Hydrate like crazy, especially if you’re flying the day before your race. It might mean a little extra time standing in line for the lavatory, but it’ll save you a lot of time on the course if it prevents a dehydration bonk.

The Comforts of Home
We’ve all got our race day routines and the more we can keep them intact the better. If you’ve got a specific breakfast food you always eat, consider bringing it with you so you don’t have to worry about buying it – especially if you’re racing in another country. If you’re driving to the race but staying in a hotel, a nice touch can be to bring your own pillow. It’s always tough sleeping with race nerves, but that little touch of familiarity can do wonders.

Try the Local Cuisine… Afterwards
So you’re doing the New York City Marathon and you want to try one of those famous Coney Island Hot Dogs? Save it for a post-race reward! The night before the race (or maybe even the week leading into it) isn’t the time to go on a culinary adventure. Stick to foods you’re familiar with so your race doesn’t involve a detour through the portaloos.

Have you tried any of these tips? Have something to add? Let us know your destination racing secrets in the comments.

Kudos from the Chicago Marathon!