Over the past nine months we’ve been laying the foundation for our new ride pages, and we’re excited to take the next step in bringing them to you. Some of the improvements include:

New Charts: We threw out our old charts and paved the way for a brand new experience. Our new charts are easier to use, significantly more powerful, and just stunning to look at.

Deeper Analysis: We’ve built an entirely new way to analyze your rides. You can zoom in on custom sections, laps, and Strava segments, and the map and elevation chart will follow your every move. Instant averages and maxes are displayed as you pan and zoom, giving you total freedom to obsess over your ride.

Top Notch Premium Analysis: We’ve revamped the Premium experience with bigger and better visuals. Our power analysis now includes map and elevation chart integration to show you exactly where on your ride you put out peak power.

Segment Improvements: We’ve made it easier to see how your effort stacked up against your past efforts and those of the entire Strava community. Mini leaderboards let you dive in and out of specific efforts on your ride.

Much More Coming: This page is core to the Strava experience and we will never stop improving it. We’ve got lots more planned in the coming months.

Over the next month, we’ll be inviting more and more users to try out the new page. During this opt-in period, you can go back and forth between the old and new pages. Keep in mind that the new pages are in beta mode, meaning some of the functionality is not quite perfect. We’ll be working around the clock to tidy up the experience. In the meantime, you can tell us what you think of the new page in our support forum.