8 entries available for cyclists that demonstrate the toughness and mental fortitude that it takes to race Leadville.

Team Strava is headed to the Leadville 100 MTB race this summer and we want you to join us. It’s not a race for the faint of heart, as it truly takes dedication to dirt to make it through 100 trail miles at 12,000ft in elevation. The 500+ Strava athletes that did so last year proved it takes more than training to get yourself across the finish line, let alone do it in under twelve hours to earn a coveted belt buckle.

As one of the most well known mountain bike races in North America, getting into the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race has always been difficult. There are only a few more races in this year’s Leadville Qualifying Series, and with the stiff competition, it’s getting harder and harder to secure a spot. We’ve got 8 coveted entries to give to Strava athletes.

How it works?

Show your dedication by telling us a story about when you thought you were going to quit and overcame the challenge. Share your toughest moments. Show Strava why you deserve to go to Leadville.

If there were ever a chance I was going to quit it would have been miles 80-83. I was never going to quit but the thought of getting eaten by a mountain lion briefly seemed more appealing than the pain I felt trying to ascend Powerline.” – TJ Jacious

How you tell your story is up to you. Send us a story, a video, testimonials, a link or blog post. Whatever you think will show your dedication in the best light. Simply fill out this form by June 22nd.

Share Your Story


Winning entries will be chosen based on:

1. Unique and deserving stories (60%)

2. Creativity of the format your story is shared (30%)

3. Activity on Strava (10%)

Check out some of the 2013 Leadville Athlete Stories: Strava.com/leadville2013/



* We are giving away 8 mountain bike race slots. Athletes are required to pay the entry fee of $345. This giveaway does not include travel or accommodations expenses.

* Stories must be submitted by June 22nd. Winners will be notified on June 25th. Judging panel will consist of 5 members of the Strava marketing team.

* All Strava athletes are eligible to win, but should a winner be a Strava Premium member, we will send them some Strava gear to look sharp on race day.

* Please read the judging criteria and official guidelines.