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Strava is built for athletes and it’s built by athletes. We want ways to stay challenged and motivated and we want to keep track of our training. Here are five of our most used features that can help any athlete get the most out of their time to train. But you don’t have to take it from us, we spoke to Mario Fraioli – head coach at Ekiden and writer of the morning shakeout – and he offered his insights into each feature.

Training Log

Training Log
Our Training Log lets you visualize all your activities in one place. It’ll let you keep tabs on your training which can help you prevent injury and see progress throughout the season. And if you’ve been on Strava for years, your Training Log can offer insights from previous seasons.

“The Training Log is a super effective way to get a high-level look at all of your activities,” Mario said. “I can easily see and compare key stats such as daily and weekly volume, vertical gain totals, and when specific types of workouts or runs were completed, which makes analysis and planning more effective.”

How does your training compare to this time last year? Take a look at your Training Log and find out!

Matched Runs

MatchedRuns 2
Matched Runs pulls together all of the runs you’ve completed on the same route and lets you compare them side by side. It’ll motivate you to do one more lap of the park or to try and set a personal best on your favorite route. And matched runs works automatically – so you can focus on the effort and we’ll keep track of the time.

“[Matched runs] comes in super handy when I want to see how my fitness has progressed (or regressed!) over the course of a training cycle or from year to year,” Mario added.

Matched Runs was a passion project imagined by one of our engineers. Check out the unique story!


Who doesn’t like a challenge? Monthly distance and climbing challenges can help motivate you to go a little bit further. Of course you don’t need a badge to tell you to get out the door – but having the extra carrot might help you get in a few more rides at the end of the month to reach your goal.

Challenges keep me honest, especially if I’m preparing for a hilly trail race or I want to make sure I’m hitting a minimum amount of weekly mileage,” Mario said. “Not to mention, completing a few of them has scored me some nice swag!

Join a challenge now and get motivated!

Route Builder

If you’re in a new city or want to discover new roads, Route Builder has your back. It uses data from millions of real activities to suggest the best course. And after you’ve built your ideal route, you can share it with other Strava members or export it as a file you can load onto a GPS device.

“The Route Builder has come in handy for me on more than one occasion,” Mario told us, “I’ve used it to map out new long run routes myself or create specific courses for my athletes’ workouts, and I’ve also had friends send me routes they’ve created when I’m looking for a new adventure.”

Discover a new favorite route!

Gear Tracker

Keep track of wear on your running shoes or bike components with gear tracker. Plus, you’ll be able to brag about how many miles you’ve put on your favorite bike.

“I’m a big believer in keeping track of the mileage on your running shoes as a broken-down shoe can lead to otherwise preventable injuries,” Mario told us, “I use the Gear Tracker myself and encourage all my athletes to as well. Strava makes it super easy to keep an eye on the miles, and even warns me when a shoe is approaching the end of its lifespan. As someone who runs in a few different pairs of shoes each week and would have trouble keeping track of all of them otherwise, this is huge for me.”

For now you’ll need to add new gear from the website, but you can tag gear on the mobile app after you upload. Stock up your locker and start tracking it on your next activity. Add your gear now!