Not all fashion is meant for the runway, when you get out on your bike, line up in the peloton or on the track there are some things to think about.

Cycling fashion is a topic that is often hotly discussed and debated. There are so many options when it comes to cycling kit and equipment…helmets, sunglasses, shoes, socks. There is a shape, colour or pattern to fit your personal style just like regular clothes. Everyone has their own style but, there are some general rules when it comes to what is hot and what is not on the cycling scene.

When I started riding, I had no idea when it came to kit. I wore a pair of knee warmers backwards for quite some time, until someone told me I was doing it wrong. I wish they had told me sooner. Then I learned how to wear them properly, always under your knicks, not over! Whoops!

Looking the part on the bike is really fun. Here are some tips that are imperative to have that swarve and edge with your riding group. Lets start from the feet. Socks, don’t forget this humble accessory.



They come in every colour, pattern, length, brand imaginable. You can get socks any colour of the rainbow, hell, they can even match the carpet in your airport. But don’t forget the rules, socks can never be too long! There is an ideal length, too, which is somewhere around your calf muscle.

They are the cheapest and easiest way to introduce some colour and personality into your outfit.

“I learned the importance of sock height early on while riding in Melbourne. High-cuff (12cm) socks, preferably Capo. White socks and white helmet are preferred.” – Nicole Justice

Then comes your choice of kit…



Where your taste and personal style comes into play. We are pretty spoiled for choice! So many options, from classic styles, to out there patterns. You can really have some fun, the louder the kit, the most often hotly discussed. To look your best, it is important to find a good quality kit, that fits you perfectly. While it’s not always easy to get a perfect fit, a kit should never be baggy. The tighter the better. If it’s too baggy, the chamois will not be in the right place and can cause unnecessary discomfort. I’ve had some kits for well over 2000km that are still in good shape. The key is to invest in quality, you’ll be the most comfortable and they will last the longest – and won’t go see through.

Fit is of utmost importance when it comes to cycling gear.

There is nothing worse than a sagging chamois, a loose jersey with full pockets, or god-forbid an ill-fitting skin suit. Not only does it look totally un-pro, but it’s also not doing you any favors performance-wise. We’ve adopted this look because it’s tailored to our on the bike needs, right? So why counteract that by wearing baggy bibs?” – Ginger Boyd


Finish off your outfit with a fast looking pair of sunglasses, noting that when you place your sunglasses on your head your helmet straps should go under the sunglasses arm. Like socks, you can almost have a pair of sunglasses for every day of the week. And don’t forget, you can always wear your casuals to change it up a little too!

Our faces are so covered up when we ride, your glasses can say a lot.

“I can be particular about sunglasses. When I’m feeling fast, I’ll bust out sport glasses like Oakley Radarlocks. When I’m feeling more leisurely, I may go for Frogskins or Ray Ban Wayfarers. Playing with style is ok, but you should maintain some edge.” – Jennifer Hannon

Don’t let these rules stop you, use your kit to express yourself, get out there and have some fun!

Whether it’s sock height or kit choice, there are fashionable ways to fit in with the crowd, or should we say stand out.

What just doesn’t fly in your style book?

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