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The Year in Stats

Incredible activities and achievements from the Strava community.

304 million uploaded activities
6.8 billion kilometers

Strava athletes covered so much ground in 2016, it’s hard to wrap our heads around the data. But a few numbers jumped out as particularly amazing, inspiring or just a bit weird. Some were front page news around the world, and some snuck under the radar. Each made us proud, though, and when we think about 2016, we’ll remember these numbers especially.

Kudos to all our athletes for another great year on Strava.

1 Olympic Gold Medal

Greg Van Avermaet stole the race from the climbers and finished an incredible year with gold – then shared it with his Strava followers. No other activity this year got more kudos.


athletes made quite a commitment. You know what they say, “If it’s not on Strava…”


Strava climbers summited Mt. Everest. Mats Steinsland summited from the south side, while Bryan Osoro and Cory Richards summited from the north – Cory without supplemental oxygen.


athletes attempted to run more than 3,000 miles across the U.S. You tell us which is crazier: Pete Kostelnick set the world record with an average of 72 miles a day, or Jason Romero, who averaged "only" 52 miles a day — and is blind.


women ran the 2016 Marathon Olympic Trials on our dime. Odds of qualifying for Rio were nearly impossible, but just to earn a place in that race is an incredible accomplishment — so we challenged hundreds of last-minute hopefuls to dig deep and get a qualifying time for the Trials. Five made it and got to toe the line with the nation’s best.


activities were shared on Strava every second in 2016. We are approaching hummingbird wing-flap speed. Oh yeah!

10 beers, 6 high-fives and 2 group selfies

in “Be a Teammate,” our most popular Strive short film. No surprise — in our opinion at least, an athlete hasn’t fully experienced the beauty of big efforts until they’ve shared them with someone else. Thanks for having each other’s backs (and bringing the beers).


Tour de France stage in which the French rider, Romain Bardet, took a daring win at the foot of Mont Blanc.

22 hours and 58 minutes

was how long it took Strava ultrarunners Killian Jornet and Jason Schlarb to “co-win” the Hardrock 100. When was the last time you saw a race end with the winners crossing the line hand-in-hand with the same time? Killian and Jason’s teamwork blitz of this insanely hard course is essentially what Strava is all about.


of all uploads were group activities. We love seeing so many Strava athletes together! And the biggest group activity of the year was on April 24th — the London Marathon.


athletes logged an activity every single day in 2016. Seriously — not one day off.

84.4 miles

was the winding, round-trip distance it took Steven Lund to complete the wildest, most impressive piece of Strava art we’ve ever seen.

85 minutes and 8 seconds

was Mary Kate Callahan’s combined swim, bike and run winning time in the paratriathlete division of the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Yokohama, Japan.


kilometers were run by Jax Mariash Koudele to become the first woman in the world to complete the Grand Slam Plus – a series of five 250k, multi-day foot races across the roughest terrain in the world.


meters were climbed by Katie Hall over five days to clinch her first Strava QOM jersey at the Aviva Women’s Tour. That’s a rare QOM that can’t be taken back. Nice win Katie!


activities mentioned “Pokemon” in their title or description. Do the odds of “catching ‘em all” improve if you are willing to run? We'd like to think so.


athletes uploaded a commute on May 10th, the first-ever Global Bike to Work Day. They saved roughly 514 tons of carbon emissions by not driving to work on just one day. #CommutesCount


athletes follow Laurens Ten Dam, our most-followed Strava athlete. Must be those big biceps! Follow LTD and help him break 100k.


activities in 2016 were tagged as a running race. Way to dig deep!

2.7 million

segments were created by Strava athletes in 2016. That’s more than 16 million km. If you could run and ride at the speed of light, it would still take 53 seconds to cover all those segments.

10.5 million

activities uploaded this year weren’t rides or runs. We love sport diversity on Strava! Cheers to our swimmers, hikers, walkers, cross trainers, paddlers, rock climbers, kitesurfers, rowers, weight lifters, surfers, windsurfers, yogis, alpine skiers, BC skiers, XC skiers, ice skaters, roller skaters, nordic skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers!

1.3 billion

Our favorite stat of 2016: total kudos given. That’s 41 kudos a second. Nice work everyone...see you in 2017.

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