Gym & Studio Sync

Upload your indoor cycling classes, gym workouts and more to Strava with Gym & Studio Sync.

Experience the future of connected workouts.

Indoor cycling classes, group workouts, fitness apps – you name it, there are more options than ever for staying fit and having fun. Maybe you’re on the bike at Flywheel on Tuesday, doing a quick erg set with LiveRowing on Thursday and getting in your strength session with Fitbod before Saturday morning brunch. Now you can track it all on Strava and stay connected to your friends no matter how you like to work out.

Gym & Studio Sync lets you link your Strava profile to select gyms, fitness studios and apps so your workouts will automatically upload to your feed. You can track all your workouts to show the full picture of your athletic life, your friends can give you kudos for all your efforts. Just connect your Strava account, and then ride, row or work out as usual – we’ll take care of the rest.

We've kicked off Gym & Studio Sync with great integrations for Flywheel Sports, Expresso, Fitbod, LiveRowing, Life Time® and Peloton. If your favorite workout isn’t on the list yet, hang tight – we’ll be adding more over the next few months.
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Flywheel Sports

Track your performance and ride for results. With 42 studios across the U.S., Flywheel indoor cycling classes and FlyBarre body sculpting classes help you reach all your fitness goals. Join the Flywheel community and get 3 classes for only $36 - an exclusive offer for Strava members.

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Expresso combines studio cycling, interactive road racing and high-intensity gaming into one beautiful exercise bike. They can be found in over 3000 premium fitness facilities around the world.

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Fitbod is an app that equips gym-goers with a deeply personalized workout plan, allowing users to maximize the use of indoor gym equipment and providing confidence to train effectively for strength.

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LiveRowing connects to Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machines, giving you access to the largest database of free custom workouts and users in the world and allowing you to complete, analyze and discover new rowing machine workouts.

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Life Time®

Life Time is a chain of 127 athletic resort destinations in the U.S. and Canada. Athletes can share three types indoor cycling workouts to Strava: the EDG, AMP, and PWR classes offered exclusively at Life Time® locations.

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The Peloton bike is your very own private cycling studio, offering live and on-demand group fitness classes from the comfort and convenience of your home led by elite NYC instructors.

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