If you’re active, there’s something you’re striving for – a feeling, a goal, a pace, a state of mind, a state of “no more getting dropped on that group ride.” Whatever it is, Strava Summit has got your back.

Summit is the evolution of what we used to call Premium. Before today, all our high-end features were crammed into a one-size-fits-all plan, and if that didn’t fit you quite right… well, it was too bad. Summit now sorts those features into Training, Safety and Analysis Packs so you can pick what suits you and your goals best (or choose all three packs at a discount and keep livin’ large).

From prepping for your big race or event, to deep performance data-dives, to safety features like Beacon, you get the right tools to reach your goals and can hold off on the rest until you need them. This change makes our most advanced features more accessible and affordable for all kinds of athletes.

And current Premium athletes can rest easy: Your features and pricing remain the exact same – no action required. Or, when your membership is up for renewal, you can update your membership with the Summit Packs that work for you and maybe even save a little – we’d rather you have a couple bucks left over every month for those post-workout snack attacks than be paying for features you’re not using. Either way, win-win.

So what’s with the name? Premium was well and good, but we knew we could improve – it’s in our sports DNA. Athletes like you encourage us every day to keep making Strava better, and we want to motivate athletes in return. Summit can be an actual place that you picture in your mind, or a metaphor for an audacious goal that’s nowhere near a mountain. No matter your definition, you’re on a journey toward something awesome. That’s a purpose we can get behind, and we hope it inspires you, too.

Whether you go with one Summit Pack or all of them, no matter how much you pay, every member is a full-fledged, bona fide, badass Summit athlete. We’re all in this together. Everyone gets expedited assistance from our terrific Support Team. Everyone gets white-hot discounts and other Summit Perks from our partners and industry friends.

Your goal, no matter how outrageous or ordinary, if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Let’s go get it.

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