The Strava Mile

One mile. 5280 feet. 1,609.34 meters. For most people, it’s not an intimidating distance to run. But that’s the beauty of the mile. Almost anyone can finish it; but how often have you gone out and covered the distance as fast as possible? Over 35 thousand runners on Strava accepted that challenge and 47% set a new mile PR in June. A handful of runners dropped their mile time by over six minutes!

And #MyMile was about way more than speed. You showed us how the track can bring runners together and how, with a little bit of imagination, a 400 meter oval is the perfect place for a party. You inspired us with your grit and determination to run one single mile as fast as you can, even if it’s not as fast as someone else can. Even if it’s not as fast as you once could. Even if you were wearing a banana costume. Here are just a few of our favorite stories.

A Quick Start

"Stella kept telling me to go faster," Seth said after the San Francisco Strava Mile.
"No, Dad," she corrected him, "I told you, 'If you want to win, YOU HAVE TO BE IN FRONT!'"
Here’s to the youngest milers we saw out there and the expecting mothers who gave their babies a time to beat.

This Is Fun... Right?

“As a professional athlete, I raced a lot. But never have I experienced such an atmosphere around a track,” said Paul from Berlin. The Strava Mile wasn't just about running fast. It was about showcasing how much fun you can fit into 400 meters.

Shaking Off The Dust

“My mile PR was from when I was 14 years old,” said Stassja of Los Angeles. “I ran in college, never broke it, and finally broke it today. I wasn’t expecting to PR. I got here late and didn’t really warm up. But maybe that’s what I needed to not get in my head.”
These runners' personal best mile time' had stood for years. Kudos to them for wiping the slate clean.

Down, But Not Out

Maggie from Los Angeles has a broken bone 90% of the time but a broken spirit 0% of the time. She entered with a goal time of 15:00, having never done a singular mile on crutches. But ever the competitor, she ran 11:42, one footed. “I’d call myself a badass, and I’m not afraid to say it,” she said.

A Blank Slate

“I’ve never really attempted a mile distance so was really keen to see what my legs could give. I was happy with my time of 5:54 as I was aiming for 6:00!” said Ben from Paris.
Now that these the runners have their mile PRs, the only question is: when are they going to fall?

Just One More Mile

Less than 12 hours after finishing the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, Mike ran a #MyMile time of 5:20 on the Placer High School track. He had to dodge volunteers tearing down fencing and raced competition with much fresher legs!


Whether you set a new PR or not, we're stoked so many of you joined us this June and ran your #MyMile. If you haven't gone after your time yet, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends, find a road or a track, and give it your all.

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