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Ep03: Getting Better With Age


There’s a saying that goes, “you don’t stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running.” Whoever came up with that might have had Gene Dykes in mind. Gene ran his first marathon when he was 59 and then quickly progressed to running faster and farther. In 2017 he completed the ‘Triple Crown of 200s’ – a series of three 200 mile races. At 70 years old, he has a marathon personal best of 2:55:17 which is less than 30 seconds off of the men’s 70 plus World Record. So, what’s the secret to Gene’s success? Part of it might be his attitude.

“I didn't start running until I was 58 and I'm having the time of my life,” Gene said. “It’s been a wonderful journey.”
In this episode of Athletes Unfiltered, we speak with three athletes who are getting better with age. Gene has run 200 milers and has a marathon PR of 2:54:23 - the fastest ever run by a man in his 70’s. Patricia Berthelier learned to ride a bike at 38 and now, in her 60’s, has discovered a community of ultra-endurance mountain bikers and a sense of freedom she’s never felt before. Brad Huff was the oldest professional cyclist in the US men’s peloton, and now that he’s announced his retirement he has to face a whole new set of challenges.

So what are you waiting for? You’re not getting any younger! Listen now.


Brad Huff

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Gene Dykes

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Patricia Berthelier

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