Starting this May, we’ll be offering a series of month-long Challenges that present both runners and cyclists with a consistent goal: logging as many kilometers as you can during each calendar month. We’re calling it the Monthly Training Series, and with milestone badges and leaderboards, you’ll have motivation and a chance to compare your efforts against yourself, your friends and even the pros.

It Starts with The May Massive
We’re kicking it off Wednesday with our inaugural Challenge in the series, The May Massive. Click on one of the Challenge badges below to join. The number of kilometers you log is all up to you.

Join Cycling May Massive Challenge      Join Run May Massive Challenge

We’ll host similar Challenges in June, July, August, etc. Watch for each new Challenge to go live a week before the month begins.

These Are Supplemental
The Challenges run as part of the Monthly Training Series are a predictable and consistent addition to our existing run and cycling Challenges. We will continue to bring you other Challenges like the April Marathon or the Spring Classics Challenge from Specialized, and you can expect them to remain as challenging as ever!

Don’t Overdo It
Listen to your body and rest when you need it. Think of these monthly Challenges as a helpful training tool you can count on to provide the motivation and friendly competition needed when it comes time to raise your fitness to a new level.

– Andrew