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Flywheel and FlyBarre classes are now on Strava.

At Flywheel, indoor cycling meets performance-tracking tech to help you be your best. Whether you’re a seasoned FLY athlete or new to their epic rides—and FlyBarre total body sculpting workout—you can now share your class stats by uploading them directly to Strava.

Get real-time data.

Once you connect your accounts, your Flywheel stats will automatically sync to your Strava profile. You'll see the class name, studio location, instructor name and duration. Flywheel rides also include total distance, average speed and Power Score, Flywheel's proprietary metric.

Stay motivated.

The Flywheel community will push you to go faster and get stronger…and now you can get kudos on your fitness journey. It’s never been more rewarding to beat personal records, conquer new goals, and celebrate your achievements with your fellow riders.

Experience the difference.

Strava members can get their first Flywheel or FlyBarre classes for free and their next three for just $60, a savings of up to $50. Join Strava Premium to redeem these exclusive Flywheel perks.

Experience Flywheel on Strava today.

Connect your Flywheel account to Strava and find a studio near you. To learn more about Flywheel, visit

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