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Fitbod provides customized strength training plans that adapt to your ability level, training load and available gym equipment. Strava's Gym and Studio Sync program lets you upload your Fitbod workouts directly to Strava and keep tabs on your progress.

Track all your sets, reps and exercises.

Fitbod's strength training workouts provide guidance on each exercise, number of sets and reps, and weight. When you sync your Fitbod account with Strava, you'll see the name of each workout, muscle groups targeted, exercises completed and total pounds lifted in your activity history.

Discover and share new workouts.

Connect with other Fitbod athletes on Strava to discover new strength routines, share training tips and exchange Kudos. You might even find some workout buddies to stay motivated and keep hitting the weight room.

Save big on Fitbod Elite.

For a limited time, all Fitbod members who connect their account to Strava receive 14% off Fitbod Elite, a premium service that offers access to Fitbod's full suite of features, including the ability to log unlimited workouts.

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